A Study Of Impact Of Brand Ambassadors On Fmcg Products With Special Reference To Cosmetic Products In Major Districts Of Malwa Region In Madhya Pradesh

  • Dr. Ankur Saxsena , Sanjay Pandit


The wanting of human being is look beauty full look, for that whom use many artificial beauty products, this kinds of products have some advantages but several disadvantages all these we know that still we use beauty products in forms of cosmetic products, because of, the Cosmetic products have  a part of our life, it is segmented according to male, female, now kids and Childs also ,the presentation of cosmetic products has been shown so like realty in results by the high paid brand ambassadors not only in India the same trends are being followed by around the world. The following research study has conducted for urban and rural area in major districts (Indore, Ujjain, Dewas) of malwa regions in Madhya Pradesh.