“Time Complexity Retardation: Against E-Social Platform Using Role Of Custom Url For E-Messages, Tweets And Posts”

  • Dr. Vivek Uprit, Ms. Savita Rathoad, Mr. Ankush Lokhande


On the leaning of the widespread adaptation of web services such as social networking sites (like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, WhatsApp, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) and E-mail have become regular work. We approach these sites to gather or share information worldwide in the form of messages (like tweets, posts, blogs, etc.) and also in other formats such as pictures, audio, and video. In the modern era of Technology where the audience is widely connected with e-platform, these social networking sites are also used to organize e-campaign to favor or counteraction in different contention such as political review, social issue, environmental dispute, worldwide controversy, trolling etc. using the method of Folksonomy [1]. We are participating in such trolling, controversy, and campaign or expedition by using posting a message, tweet, micro-blog, etc. In particular, to join all we are doing is post a tweet or micro-blog that has the precise word or phrase because it appears within the Trends list, like a hashtag. But the trending keywords changed in the short-term and any hashtag gets popularity worldwide shortly. We demonstrate the custom-URL to join e-campaign which is wrapped in shortened-URL for easy to understand and gets excessive results to trend any Tag or Hashtag in a span of time. We improve the results for the community, groups and as well as for the individual audience to gets the best consequence for trending keywords.