Survey of Remote Attestation Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks for communication and business

  • Muhammad Junaid, Monagi Alkinani, Shiraz Khan, Eman A. Aldhahri, Mehmood Ahmed, Luqman Shah


Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have been deployed in civilian and military infrastructures that provide the basis for the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology. The nodes in WSN are deployed in unattended and hostile environments, which make them an attractive target for adversaries. An adversary can inject malicious code or worm in the sensor node, which can be spread in the complete network. Remote attestation (RA) is a technique introduced by trusted computing group (TCG) that can provide evidence on the software stack running on sensor nodes. In this paper, various RA techniques have been surveyed proposed for both simple and cluster-based WSNs. Each surveyed technique of RA has been described with its contributions and limitations. In addition, a comparison of several techniques with respect to various features (e.g., complete memory hash or random memory hash of nodes) has been provided. This study also sets RA future directions for WSNs.