Booktique: A Learning Application

  • Muhammad Junaid, Monagi Alkinani, Shiraz Khan, Eman A. Aldhahri, Mehmood Ahmed, Hifsa Bashir


Developing a research application is not an easy task for a developer to build an application that is suitable for teenage children based on advanced modern technology such as voice recognition system with e-learning resources. The Booktique mobile application is focusing on early discovery of education system that recognizes and applies alphabets, numbers and coloring. The aim behind this research is to provide a platform for teenage children to learn things anywhere, anytime wherever they want to learn and play. By using this research based application children can improve their learning skills while playing with this application. The main user of this application is teenage children and the alternate users are parents, teachers, tutors to guide and teach them in a better way. The alternate users may apply this application on their mobile and train the kids whenever and wherever. This research application is mainly focusing on getting the toddler’s attention towards learning by implementing pictures, animation and sound from various resources. This novel research work helps to improve the learning systems of the children while playing.