A Comparative Study of Intelligence, Creativity and Adjustment of Senior Secondary Students of Different Boards in Relation to their Academic Achievement

  • Dr. Priyank Gupta, Ms. Priyanka Gupta


This study was conducted to examine the Academic Achievement of the senior secondary school students of Moradabad in relation to their Intelligence, Creativity, and Adjustment. The sample of 600 12th class students was selected from various schools located in the rural and urban areas of Moradabad city. Analysis of Academic Achievement of XII standard student from various Boards via their Term End Exams Scores. Analysis of scores of Test of Intelligence administered from the test devised by R.K.Tondon; scores of Test of Creativity were administered from the test devised by Baqur Mehdi; scores of Test of Adjustment were administered from the test devised by A.K.P. Sinha & R. P. Singh; Correlation among the various variables of the study i.e. Academic Achievement, Intelligence, Creativity and Adjustment were taken in order to find the relation between the variables. the researcher found that there is some amount of relationship between the variables included in the study