Socio-Economic Consequences For Tourism Due To Pandemic's: With Reference To East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya

  • Vanessa Kharkongor, Pynhunlang Nongsteng,Faithfully Mallai, Iadonlang Tynsong


Meghalaya Is A Well-Known North-East State That Provides Natural Beauties, Stunning Landscapes, Splendid Clean Waterfalls, Caverns And Live Root Bridges. It Is Commonly Known As The "Abode Of Clouds." Meghalaya Is Home To Three Tribes: The Khasi, The Pnar, And The Garo. The Khasi That Resides In The Central Plateau Is Famous For Its Native Specialties, Traditions, Festivals And Cultures. Its Originality And Charm Have Taken Travelers From All Over The World To Their Hearts. Moreover, This Places Has Enormous Tourist Potential.  Tourism Helps To The Countries Overall Growth And Development In Two Ways: First, By Delivering Diverse Economic Values And Employment Opportunities; And Second, By Assisting In The Development Of Brand Recognition, Reputation, And Identity In The Country. Tourism Now Plays An Important Part In People's Lives And Provides Several Benefits. Because The Essence Of The Industry Is Still Connected To People Traveling, Pandemics Have A Significant Influence On The Global Tourists And Hospitality Sector. In The Past, Diseases And Pandemics Have Had An Immediate Impact On Hotels And Restaurants, Airlines, And Travel Agencies, Resulting In International Travel Bans, Media Attention, And Government Initiatives (Tounta, 2020). Pandemic Leads To Socio- Economic Problem Of Various Individual. Such As Job Security Which Is Seen As The Most Pressing Issue In The Tourist Sector, Causing Stress And Unhappiness Among Those Who Are Directly Or Indirectly Involved In The Industry. The Study Is Focus On The Status Of The Tourism Industry In Study Area As A Result Of The Pandemic, The Impression Of The Host Community During The Pandemic, And Also The Behaviour Of The Tourists Post Pandemic. Descriptive Research Design Is Adopted For This Study And Questionnaire Are Used To Collect The Primary Data From The Field. The Outcomes Of The Study Shows That Pandemic Has Really Impact The Socio Economic Of The Stakeholders In The Tourism Industry. The Pandemic Has Change The Perception Of Many Tourists With Regards To Not Wanting Foreign Travellers Coming To The State And Their Preferences With Whom To Travel While Still Wanting To Travel After The Pandemic But With Extra Precautions.