Organizational Cultureand Work Environment

  • Luh Putu ErsamiyaIka Jayanthi, Anik Yuesti, I. Wayan Sujana


This study aims to analyze several review variables that affect employee performance, namely Organizational Culture, Work Environment and Job Satisfaction. The method used is a literature review. The results of the study indicate that Organizational Culture, Work Environment and job satisfaction can have an impact on the employee's performance. There is a very close relationship between human resources (HR) and Organizational Culture. As social beings, humans have provisions for life, which are called mind or reason, and culture which is a manifestation of human creativity, taste and intention. Work Environment in a company needs to be considered, in this case because the Work Environment can affect employee morale. Employee job satisfaction based on the theory refers to discrepancy theory or the theory of discrepancy that a person's job satisfaction can be obtained by calculating the difference between something that should be and what is felt. Employee performance is an important factor in the process of achieving company goals.