• Mr. Jay Mudgal, Dr. Unmekha Tare


Recent trends and evaluation in the dynamic market introduced new concepts in the field of marketing; influencer marketing became trendy in the modern world as people became educated about the technology. Digitalization brought a golden chance for the brands and other content creators to get connected with society on a regular basis and maintain trust among the people. Analyzing the traditional concepts and implementing the modern concept became more important for the brands to create their marketing strategies effective because as people are getting more aware they start finding new ways of collecting information through the various mediums, we all know that to survive in the market it is important to keep ourselves updated and follow the latest trends of technology, in additional to it the trust of involvement plays an vital role in convincing the people for making their purchase decisions, it becomes very difficult for brands to become familiar with the customers and make them understand and their ideology. Nowadays people prefers to go with the brand which feels trustworthy to them and understand their needs and behavior, companies need to make the consumer believe that they are providing the best quality and always think for the betterment of the consumer, it is not all just about doing they need to share and make people aware about their efforts.

The research paper evaluated the various recent trends in influencing marketing which plays a very important role for making customer believe in their ideology and their brands. The paper concluded with the various prospectuses related to influencing marketing.