Goal or Product Based Investment Preferences of Salaried Persons:Review of Researches

  • Supriya Kumawat, Dr. Sunita Totala


Investors want to earn more in lesser time and risk through investments. Preferencemay depend upon the probable reasons associated with it e.g., the level of income, associated returns, risk tolerance capacity, knowledge of market, financial goal and types of financial products, etc. A huge stream of investment products exist which facilitates to meet short term and long term investment options and goals regarding investment purposes. An awareness of the investment avenues is extremely significant to make the right investment decisions suiting the different needs various individual persons. To know the intention of investment with a rationale of knowing benefits of investment on goal or product based, this study enables the investors to attain high objectivity through the use of best products of investment. The purpose of this paper is to identify goal based and product based investing and combination thereof and associated opportunities to attain the objectives of investment of salaried persons.