The Effects of COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease 2019) Pandemic: An Exploratory Study of Pakistan

  • Manzar Abbas Hydari, Ghulam Abid, Muhammad Farhan Asif, Tahira Hassan Butt, Zohra S. Lassi


The Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic started from Wuhan, a province of China, and rapidly spread all over the world and became a cascading disaster. Apart from medical conditions, it has impacted humans individually, socially, psychologically, financially, and culturally; and worsening exceptionally severe. This exploratory study aims to determine the inimical and cordial enforcements to society. An online survey using theoretical sampling methodology was conducted, 97 individuals participated and 86 responses were included in the study considering them as a knowledge addition. The contributors adjoined both favorable and unfavorable indicators affecting the COVID-19 outbreak. The hostile indications, continuing development of different phobias to various restrictions, multiple elements, unemployment, and economic crisis, stoppage of business, limited social gatherings, and educational challenges are severe concerns. At the same time, contestants contributed anxiousness regarding health, awareness about cleanliness, the importance of hygienic and natural diet, lessening pollutions, the essence of nature, importance of savings and insurances, usage of modern technologies, and significance of biotechnologies and biosciences. This exploration indorses to imitate a similar study in other regions of the world to validate the knowledge explored in undergoing study. Further, it is worthwhile for future researchers to conduct empirical investigations to verify the concepts and constructs explored and discussed in this study.