Food Processing Industry-Issues And Challenges Continuous Improvement In Innovating New Quality Products And Delight Consumers With Wide Variety & At Competitive Price

  • B. Rajitha Reshma, Dr. M. Sravani


Food processing industry is widely recognized as a “Sunrise Industry” in India having huge potential for uplifting agricultural economy. India's rich agricultural base has potential to add significant value to the food processing sector. These are given high priority in India because of their great linkages in the development of many interrelated variables. They create employment opportunities, organize investible resources from rural sector, encourage agricultural production, utilize resources, enhance farm products, advance quality, attain efficient marketing, fight rural-urban migration and support industrialization of Indian economy. The availability of raw material, changing life style and lessening in regulatory policies is stimulating the growth of this sector. This paper conceptually discusses the issues and challenges associated with food processing industry and the strategies that can be adopted to attain the goals of sunrise industry.