The role of Online Freelancing: Increasing Women Empowerment in Pakistan

  • Hira Abdul Rawoof, Dr. Kazi Afaq Ahmed , Nazia Saeed,


This study analyses the role of online freelancing in increasing economic women empowerment with mediating effect of transition in economy of Pakistan. It notably evaluates the impediments to work faced by women such as, household autonomy, online freelancing IT based, professional identity, and financial independence. It goes on develops the notion of freelancing and chances for Pakistani young people in general and especially for ladies. The investigation involves a primary survey and an online survey. Research findings demonstrate the ability to influence freelance. Women's empowerment and their involvement are inclined towards the growth of Pakistan’s digital economy. There are also restrictions, such as the lack of knowledge about working remotely and the fear of failure. This project can help in the implementation of some of these measures, taking account of the limited research on transition in economy of Pakistan due to freelancing, its perspectives and gaps in activities.