Fabrication and Modal Analysis of Composite Leaf Spring

  • Sankararao Vinjavarapu, K. V. Viswanadh, B. Sudheer Kumar, P. Gopala Krishnaiah, Jaya Raju Gandepudi


In automobiles, a leaf spring is a straightforward kind of suspension spring usually utilized in vehicles. This kind of spring is regularly built of at least one level, flimsy, adaptable steel strips that are combined so as to fill in as a solitary unit. That steel piece of a leaf spring is bend into a circular segment and appended at each conclusion to the underside of a vehicle to help position and bolster the pivot, and furthermore to retain the stun. Diminishing weight while expanding or keeping up quality of item is getting the chance to be exceptionally significant research issue in the cutting edge world. Right now portray plan and examination of leaf spring utilizing composites with combination of graphite fibers, carbon fibers and fabric sheets. The plan parameters are chosen and dissected with the target of limiting load of the composite leaf spring. Leaf spring will be displayed utilizing CATIA (V5) and investigation is conveyed utilizing ANSYS 18.1. Transverse natural frequencies of steel leaf spring and composite leaf spring were estimated experimentally and correlated with Ansys values.The composite spring proved to have better behavior than steel leaf spring.