Drawing On Constraint Theories To Describe The Role Of Bme Women’s Organization

  • Heena Amir


The Strength And Weakness Of Any Organization Depend Upon Its Employees And Their Performance. Still, Most Studies Have Failed To Highlight A Clear Association Between Organizational Weaknesses And Job Performance, I.E., The Conditions At Work That Make It Difficult To Do A Job. This Study Aimed To Challenge The View That Constraints Are A Direct Barrier To Performance And To Adopt An Alternative Approach Whereby Restrictions Have An Indirect Effect Through Reduced Motivation And Increased Workload. Therefore, The Differential Effects Of The Various Constraints Are Examined In A Chosen Organization Called "Organization Wom" Which Are Bme Women-Led Organizations Supporting Domestic Abuse Victims. Due To Confidentially And Safety Reasons, The Research Does Not Disclose The Charitable Women-Led Organization's Name. Neither The Exact Location Of "Organization Wom" Is Disclosed Due To The Sensitive Nature Of The Organizations Work. Therefore, The Study Is Limited To The Specific Organization, But Its Results Can Be Generalized, The Other Charitable Women-Led Organizations Can Consider This Research As A Guideline.