An Emperical Study on the Attainment Process for Course Outcome(CO), Programme Outcome(PO) and Closing the Quality Loop at Course as well as Progremm Level for MBA Tier II Insitituions

  • Kartikeya Singh, Veeresh Tripathi, Saurabh Kumar Srivastava


The Indian system of higher education is one of the world's largest and far-reaching in extent. Due to its wider scope and coverage it has developed some complication during span of time. To facilitate the quality improvement of an Institution many accreditating bodies have created a process to access the quality as well as help them in improvising things to adhere to the quality requirement. Out of several accreditating bodies NBA(National Board of Accreditation) has created a process based on Outcome based education. To make a robust process NBA has created 10 criteria’s to cover different curicular aspect for different graduate and post graduate programmes. In outcome based education the most important aspect is to understand different  Programme Outcomes(POs), Course Outcomes(COs), Programme educational Objective(PEOs).  In this process  they have created different accessment criteria, out of which third criteria covers entire process of mapping of COs and POs.  Every institute is entrusted to attain designated PO’s (defined by NBA) and identify their gap. Which in turn will help them to take corrective action. This paper will discuss the entire process of mapping of COs and POs and to close the quality loop at course as well as programme level. In this paper we have tried to elaborate the process by taking example of on the of the subject taught as part of AKTU syllabus. In the process faculty has to define Course outcome and then to assess the COs after finding attainment of all COs faculty has to map all Course Outcomes with POs . after mapping the attainment using some direct and indirect methods can be find out, here we are finding the attainment of subject International Business. This paper presents assessment methods and attainment of course outcome and program outcome Sample calculations are also included in this paper for the measurement of CO and PO.