Ecocriticism: An Interdisciplinary Construct for Human Beings’ Return to Nature

  • Nitin Bhatnagar, Divya Gupta, PrateekPandey


Ecological preservation, an important facet of life, despite being a separate field of technology that has always attracted huge amount of finances from governments, is being callously ignored. It appears that the current attitude towards environmental sustenance, that is purely scientific, needs a revamping. Such substantial alteration is not possible unless people’s outlook, mindset and insight are sufficiently equipped to accept environmental conservation a part of their everyday life. Literature, since past, has been playing a vital role in spreading consciousness about nature, its empathy with human beings and narrating the tales of their shattering activities. The genre of Ecocriticism has hit the right chord at the right moment by entering into the interdisciplinary study of environment and literature. The present paper explores this field of study from the point of view of its scope and effectiveness in sending the message of environmental safeguarding.