Impact of Public Health Awareness on Preventive & Curative Healthcare: A Survey of Literate/Illiterate Samples from Bhakkar, Punjab, Pakistan by

  • Abid Hussian, Aamir Sohail , Ghulam Abbas


The knowledge of healthcare by the citizens results in more preventive healthcare and therefore less curative healthcare by visiting doctors and hospitals. Public Health Awareness (PHA)’ is not learning about diseases and medicine rather diseases and how to stay away from them. It obviously leads to ‘preventive healthcare (PHC)’ through food and exercises to prevent from getting sick. ‘Curative healthcare (CHC)’ is needed when public gets sick and things go beyond individual’s control. It is therefore widely assumed and verified that greater the PHA, higher are chances of PHC and lower will be need for CHC. This paper reports the analysis of survey data to verify these set of assumptions regarding the positive link between PHA and PHC while simultaneously negative connection between PHA and CHC. The results have significantly approved the existence of both the interrelationships.