The Impact and Challenges of Globalisation on Indian Education System

  • Dr. Kshama Pandey, Dr. Neeraj Kumar


Globalization is an important phenomenon that has affected the entire world in the contemporary era. Its impact on the education system of a country is intrinsic. In the context of India, globalization has impacted upon the education system in complex and conflicting ways. There is an increased emphasis on preparing global citizens who are ready to face the highly competitive world. There is a huge upsurge in the demand for learning English language, growing popularity of international schools, need for curriculum restructuring and inclusion of ICTs etc. While the basic aims of education are to enable children develop their potentials, define and pursue a meaningful purpose; globalization has put an extra pressure on the education system to create ‘winners’ who are ready to battle in the race for the survival of the fittest. The present study is an attempt to unveil the impact of globalization on the Indian education system as a whole.