Teachers and Students Outlook in the Direction of the Blended Learnings: A Study on Pakistan Public Sector Universities

  • Sadia Mushtaq, Dr. Erum Aslam Khan, Dr. Afrina Afzal, Fatima-Tu-Zahra


The purpose of the study is to provide the teachers and students outlooks in the directions of blended learnings of public sector universities in Pakistan. For this purpose, positivism research philosophy, the deductive approach and descriptive research design had applied. The data had been collected from 50 teachers and 50 students by using a simple random sampling technique. As per the analysis, findings of the conducted survey and the evaluation of the relative topic of blended learning, it has been found out that blended learning has more positive effects and thus can prove to be beneficial if implemented in the university level education. Based on these findings, not only students will receive the benefits, but the teachers also will be benefited by such a form of learning procedure implementation. Moreover, the implemented processes of learning in the blended learning environment could be considered a reasonably more efficient and smart, which is concluded in this study. Therefore, it simply means that the respective teachers could teach more and input more knowledge in the students in shorter periods of time without any hassle. On the other hand, with the help of a blended learning process, students could also increase their interaction with the teacher.