Does Transformational Leadership Effect Employees’ Commitment? A Mediation Analysis of Perceived Organizational Support Using VB-SEM

  • Dr. Sadia Anwar, Dr. Javed Ahmed Chandio, Muhammad Ashraf, Sarfaraz Ahmed Bhutto


Considering the objective to measure employees’ commitment, current study has hypothesized the effect of transformational leadership through intervening role of perceived organizational support. For achieving study purpose, doctors in healthcare sector of Sindh, Pakistan were targeted and sample of 380 were selected through simple random sampling. Data were collected through self-administrated questionnaire. Data screening was done through SPSS25, model was assessed through PLS structural equation modeling under algorithm and hypotheses were assessed under structural modeling through bootstrapping technique by using Smart PLS. The study outcomes show a positive significant effect of transformational leadership on employees’ commitment. Current study also found a significant mediating effect of perceived organizational support between transformational leadership and employees’ commitment.  The results also theoretically contributed in literature under organizational support theory and social identity theory.