Participative Decision Making Builds Support for Transformational Leadership: A Survey of Local Government KPK.

  • Abid Hussain , Khurram Ashfaq, Adil Riaz , Dr. Qmar Afaq Qurashi


Leadership style is of critical importance in any organization both public and private. If leadership style is not compatible with the requirements and objectives of the organization, it creates problems for both workers as well as the organization at large. The organizations where employee participation is necessary for adequate functioning, the transformational leaders are best suitable for the situation. Transactional leaders fail to run such institutions properly. Transactional leadership best suits those institutions where performance has to be coupled with strict rules and regulations. In local government, the transformational leaders are more compatible with the work environment and transactional mode is needed at very limited scale. The current study shows that participative decision making is more effective under transformational leaders and less popular in transactional work environment. The statistical results significantly support the connections between PDM and TRF.