Issues and Challenges of Women Entrepreneurs in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) of Tamil Nadu

  • Elizabeth Rani R


Women play a very vital role in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the Tamil Nadu economy and women entrepreneurs are an inseparable part of the sector. Women entrepreneurship created the right platform increase in employment, social status and financial independence of women. This paper seeks to examine the factors influencing women's entrepreneurship in the MSME market, identify the major challenges they face, conduct a women's entrepreneurship performance review, and analyze the government promotional policies. The two key factors for women joining entrepreneurship are the push and pull variables. The push variables mean that because of financial factors, women are compelled to enter business, while the Pull variables apply to women taking up entrepreneurship to become financially independent, to use their talent and education, and to develop their place in society. The percentage of women entrepreneurship is significantly low compared to male entrepreneurs, even after comprising almost half of the total population. In micro-enterprises in rural areas, women's participation is comparatively higher, while it is marginal in small and medium-sized enterprises. For women entrepreneurs, many policy packages are available, but several of these schemes are either unknown or unsuitable for them. The Government Agencies, Groups for Women, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) need to play a more important role in fostering women's education, confidence-building and the acceptability of women entrepreneurs to fund institutions.