Impact of Green HRM on Environmental Performance: Mediating Role of Employees’ Organizational Commitment

  • Muteeb Ullah Khan Daulatzaia, Syed Babar Alib, Syed Khurram Ali Jafric, Muhammad Hasnan Tahir Awand


The main aim for the research is to examine the relationship between Green HRM and Environmental Performance. Environmental performance of firms is very much about the pollution, life-cycle and environmental aspect of the employee’s performance. Which can be highly effected by various environmental factors such as Green HRM. Green HRM includes various factors of HR but this study focused on the three most important factors; Green recruitment, Green training and Green performance Management. This conceptual paper also extends to the vague revelation on Organizational Commitment in which act as a mediator between Green HRM and Environmental Performance. Conclusively, this study proposes a new research directions and hypotheses development to examine the relationship among the variables.