Impact of COVID-19 Lockdown on Dietary, Physical Activity and Behaviour among Female University Students

  • SA. Thamilovia, S. Uma Mageshwari


The pandemic situation has influenced the health and lifestyle among college students especially female. This study was carried on to analyse the changes in dietary, physical activity and behaviour during COVID-19. The study was carried on among female university students (N=150) aged 18-30 years. An online questionnaire was forwarded to them through mail and questions regarding dietary habits, physical and behavioural changes were asked and elicited. The results showed that 33% of females said that the reason for weight gain is because of more rest during the day time. It was found out that the information on diet was influenced by social media (56%) and family (16%). The physical activity levels were also reduced and behavioural changes included late sleeping hours and sudden outburst of feeling (55%). Considering the current situation, post lockdown measures should be driven towards students especially females being the most affected and vulnerable during COVID-19.