Foreign Motivational Speeches: Ramification on Youth with Cultural and Religious Discrepancy

  • Muhammad Imran Malik, Husnat Ahmed Tabassam, Sumera baby


Motivation is such a weapon that fabricates a latest form and solidity in a person. A man works hard to go ahead, to get success but motivation has deep affiliation with culture and cultural norm, in a comparative mode of foreign speeches in this research.  Major intention of  this study is to enlarge cultural and religious aspects in modes of motivation that are prime aspects, so, further purpose of this research is to find out religious impact through motivational mode in the form of  foreign speeches, that are  presented by  foreign speakers. In this regard mixed methods research was used by taking interview and by distributing questionnaire among the community who is interested in motivational speeches. Motivational speech of Katy perry was downloaded with a title “people can change”. Some sentences were selected with a systemized way to analyze. On the other hand, speech of Katy perry was sent to different people to listen and to answer the questionnaire. This study is tectonic and beneficial for educators, NGO’s and other educational institutions who want to determine a right direction for character development of their youth by different motivational tools, this study suggests that what type of motivational tools should be used for a healthy motivational environments according to our cultural and religious phenomena and rules. Findings of this study manifest that motivational material should be according to related culture and society. Likewise, this study has given outcome to create genuine, intellectual and idiomatic motivational speakers to generate a healthy community that should represent our religion Islam, culture, history and religious prospective to stimulate the mind of youth to do something exceptional headway.