A Study On Quality Of Work Life And Job Satisfaction Of Employees In Garment Industry In Tiruppur District



At present times, the concept of quality of work life has assumed growing importance in almost all industries including garment industry as the success of garment industry largely depends on its skilled, motivated and efficient employees. A good quality of work life ultimately results in overall job satisfaction and general feeling of wellbeing of employees through overall job satisfaction along with the success of the garment industry. Significant difference is there amidst quality of work life in garment industry and profile of employees. Quality of Work Life in Garment Industry is positively, significantly and highly related with job satisfaction of employees. Adequate and fair compensation, opportunities for development and autonomy of work are discriminating level of job satisfaction of employees in the best way in Garment Industry. Therefore, garment industry should consider and provide sufficient income to employees and they must be compensated fairly for their job. Garment industry should provide encouraging working atmosphere for its employees and management must give better career development to their employees. Management must assure job security for minimum period to their employees and management should handle problems of employees efficiently. Management should allow employees to involve in decision making and it must also permit employees to decide their work schedule on their own to some extent.