Professional Buzzer Communication In Indonesia Presidential Election 2019 Through Whatsapp And Twitter

  • Edy Prihantoro, Virgia Aida Handini, Amri Dunan, Bambang Mudjiyanto


The use of professional buzzers to spread political narratives on social networks in the 2019 Presidential Election in Indonesia is one of the tools in forming the public opinion. This study aims to find out the symbolic interaction conducted by Buzzer Professionals on WhatsApp and Twitter in the 2019 Presidential Election in Indonesia. This study uses a qualitative approach with in-depth interviews and participant observation of professional buzzers. As a reseller in social networks, a Buzzer also shares symbols and meanings for netizens to understand about positive figures of the presidential and vice presidential candidates. This occurs through the process of thought formation, self-consistency and also influenced by reactions from the community. Even so, a number of netizens gave a negative label and stigma to the presence of Professional Buzzers in digital democracy in Indonesia.