Ferdowsi And Shahname Pearls Of World Poetry

  • Shukhrat Shergoziyev Sheraliyevich, Khakima Turabayeva Usmanjanovna


The article analyzes the content of research devoted to the study of the language of the monument of ancient oriental culture "Shahname" by Ferdowsi.  The New Chronology began with the creation of new mathematical, statistical and astronomical methods of dating events, described in ancient sources. On the basis of these methods, the correct chronology of antiquity was recreated, which we called the New Chronology. After that, we reconstructed in general terms the ancient history ("built up the flesh on the skeleton of the correct chronology") up to the 18th century. Then came the next very interesting stage. Many began to ask us: what then are the famous "antique" authors really telling - Herodotus, Thucydides, Titus Livy, Homer and others? Answering this natural and extremely important question, in several books we have analyzed the main “ancient” Greek, “ancient” Roman, “ancient” Indian, “ancient” American, “ancient” European sources. It turned out that they are actually talking about the events of the XI-XVII centuries AD.[1,3] Now the next step is the famous "ancient" -Persian Epic Shahnameh. This is a grandiose and very popular source, telling, as it is believed, about the events in Persia, Greece, Byzantium in the "deepest antiquity." Shahnameh brings to us information about many hundreds of characters and many important events.