Factors Influencing Women Entrepreneurship In Msmes In Coastal Kanyakumari

  • *Dr. D. Mahila Vasanthi Thangam, Mrs. Nisha Malini, Mr. Rabin.C


Women Entrepreneur is a woman who accepts challenging position to fulfil their personal needs and become self-reliant (Vinay and Singh 2015). Because of some unnecessary fear and lack of motivation, women are less motivated to start business units compared to men. The main objective of the study is to identify the factors affecting female entrepreneurship, Kanyakumari District. To achieve the aforesaid objectives, data was gathered through structured questionnaire. It was collected from 180 women entrepreneurs and simple and advanced statistical tools were used for analysis. Use of skills and contribution to family are the main pull factors and flexible work schedule and financial support to family are main push factors to enter into business ventures by women.The step wise regression analysis shows that, among the socio-demographic variables, Annual income and Educational Qualification have positive effects on factor score. Compared to push factors, pull factors have strong positive influence. Proper education and training and financial support will encourage spirit of women entrepreneurship and become a successful entrepreneur.