An overview on the operation of Bought Leaf Factories of Dibrugarh District.

  • Miss Neha Yadav


Assam is the most noteworthy tea creating state in India and involved special spot by delivering in excess of half of all out yearly public creation. In the year 2015-16, Assam created 653 Million kg of tea which is 53 percent of public creation in that year. All out tea ranch zone in Assam is about 3.22 lakh hectares which is the greater part of the nation's all out zone under tea. More than 6.86 lakhs individuals in the Assam, which is around 50% of the complete normal every day pursued worker in the India, are occupied with tea industry of the state. This industry expanded biggest help by producing most elevated business openings in the province of Assam. Tea Industry additionally helps in giving roundabout work in various areas like street development, manures, bug sprays, transportation, , paper, card board, aluminum foil, tinplate, metal fittings, pesticides, iron, stockrooms, assembling of compressed wood, tea chest steel, coal, and so forth The development pace of creation of tea in Assam in late past isn't up to the desire. Assam Tea which has name and acclaim in the unfamiliar market is likewise going somewhere near quality. Bought-leaf factories are units that buy these tea leaves and convert them into the processed tea.  An endeavor has been made in this paper to locate the current situation of tea creation and operation of BLFs in Assam in setting to India. This paper highlights the operation of Bought leaf Factories in Dibrugarh District.