Relevance Of New Media Devices For Virtual Learning As An Effective Tool In School Education Due To Compulsory Social Distancing

  • Dr. (Prof.) Deependra Sharma, Satish Kumar


In the today’s modern scenario of Post Covid19 situation, the education sector has achieved new dimensions. The scenario compelled all educators and learners to adopt the never before used technologies and pedagogies. The New Media technology with the mix of so-called blend of Hybrid learning i.e. Blended learning and Virtual learning, had made this possible for Teachers as well as Students. Although the availability of New Media devices and internet connection availability is prerequisite to make the online learning fruitful. To a larger extend the unprecedented switchover from traditional mode of face to face interactive classroom teaching to digitalized virtual learning made has brought learning inequality among students. This exploratory research-based study discusses the relevance of New Media technology as well as New Media devices used by Teacher and Students for educational teaching and learning respectively. The study also focuses on identifying the preferred type of New Media devices by senior secondary private(independent) school students in North India. The usage of New Media devices such as Smart TV has significant impact on the Virtual learning as well as Blended learning for Students. The usage of New Media devices is relevant  for Virtual learning as an effective tool in School Education especially due to compulsory social distancing in the situation when, one can afford these devices. The limitations of using such devices become more prudent for  collaborative or group learning  in the form of  mass education of a large group of students  due to compulsory social distancing circumstances, so possession of individual devices become priori to gain education  during situation like compulsory social distancing.