The Study Of Rural Development Policy For Uzbekistan: Based On Model Of Saemaul Undong Development

  • Bobokhujaev Bakhodirjon, Khojaev Azizkhon Saidalohonovich, Abdullaeva Barchinoy Yuldashevna


This study aims to compare the Saemaul Undong Rural Development model with that of Uzbekistan’s rural and economic development model.  The results showed similarities in terms of the people’s outlook towards cooperation; agricultural development structures; women empowerment; increase in household-income; promoting gender equality and leadership, as well as political and economic perspectives. However, in the field of policy implementation, it was found that both countries possessed its own uniqueness in operation and management. From the study, it was found that every country cannot use the exact Korean SMU model. Thus, the success of its implementation depends on the proper modification and adaptation; taking into consideration the socio-political and economic aspects of every country before its application.