Applying Communicative Approach In Formation Of Young Learners' Speaking Skills

  • Musayeva Gulnora Abdulxamidovna, Kayumov Sharibboy,


This article aims to find out the utilization of Communicative approach in teaching speaking for building students English literacy and to know how it is valuable in improving their oral skills. Furthermore, it utilizes the Process approach in improving an understudy's language aptitudes. On the off chance that a teacher follows the process approach, it will be helpful to students to improve their literacy abilities. Communicative approach is a strategy that utilizes the fluctuated language learning approaches rather than limit to one approach. It is a gifted based approach as the teacher can explain the process speaking easily with the help of the practice. This investigation was done in two gatherings controlled and test gatherings. Each gathering comprised of twenty students of first year in Namangan institute of Engineering and Technology.