Health Structure of Fisherwomen in Puducherry: A Critical study

  • Dr. G. Kumar, M. Punithan


To retain, sustain, maintain and preserve health system of both human beings and animals good food is needed and necessary .If human being is not taking an adequate and quality food items which leads to causes several known and unknown problems .Like this, if animals have not taken food items properly its health also would be emaciated   and will lead to deteriorate day by day toward taking an ultimate rest. So, this method is not only applicable to fisherwomen alone but also applicable to the entire creature’s health system. In this way men, women’s health status are determined by several factors such as money, revenue, good life partner, god life styles, good education and ancestral prosperity status. Their good health system and developments are determined by above quoted items because ,to live in a peaceful ways with prosper health system they  need all those items and facilities ,without which they are not able  to live with strong health status in puducherry as well as  in rest of regions.