The Tribal Development Programme And Its Impact On Sitheri Hills

  • Mr.A.Yogeswaran, Dr.K.Govindaraj,


Tribes have been renowned as aboriginals, primitives, uncivilised, vulnerable group and tribes. The anthropological, linguistic studies revealed the significance of the Tribes. Indeed, Tribals were in habituated in forests or hilly regions. Due to modernisation or globalisation, they never tried to migrate to their place to urban areas. They desire to live their own traditional way of life. If any circumstances they move to urban areas, they live tentatively and return back to their own place as earliest. Being a marginalised community were lacking of poor health, education, hygiene, economy, job opportunity trying to develop them. At present, the tribal population were settled only in rural background. On the consequences, both the central and state Government of Tamil Nadu has made several measures in the form of programmes and schemes.Malayalis are the largest tribal group of constituting around 47.6 percent of Scheduled Tribes population in Tamil Nadu. Perhaps, Tamil Nadu has consisted second largest tribal population  in Tamil Nadu, next to  Andhra Pradesh. At present, there are 36 tribal communities who lived in Tamil Nadu. Above them, six tribes were listed as primitive tribes. Historically, they  are believed to came from Kanchipuram and settled the hills like pachaimalai, kollimalai and sherveroyan hills.. This study had made an attempt how the schemes and programmes have change the life and livelihood of the Tribes in Tamil Nadu, especially in Sitheri Hills.