Women Leaders In Indian Political Parties And Their Contribution And Struggles

  • K. Nithila, Dr. V. Veeramuthu


                The making of the Constitution brought women legal equality. Though the constitutional provisions allowed the women to leave the relative calm of the domestic sphere to enter the male-dominated political sphere, the involvement of women in politics has been low key. The political contribution of women is a social process crucial to development and progress.  The status of women is measured internationally by the participation of women in politics and their empowerment.  Women remain seriously underrepresented in decision-making positions.  but still, awareness should be created among women to participate in politics with courage. The findings on the participation of women in politics are increasing. It is significant in the study on political empowerment and participation of women in politics. To secure women’s rightful place in society and to enable them to decide their destiny and for the growth of genuine and sustainable democracy, women's participation in politics is essential. This will not only uplift their personality but will open the way for their social and economic empowerment. Their contribution to public life will solve many problems in society. It concludes that the participation of women is essential as demand for simple justice as well as a necessary condition for human existence. This can be achieved not just by increasing the numbers but by ensuring that women leaders perceive the problems and effectively resolve the issues. The acceptance of their equality and confidence in their ability will go a long way in altering the political scenario.