The Emergence Of British Imperialism On The Coromandel Coast Through Defensive Architecture

  • Mr .P.Arumugasamy, Dr. Hameed Basha.B,


European countries were fascinated over the spices which prevalent in India and its nearby islands. These regions has been renowned as ‘spice islands’ in south Asia, acted as the lucrative market in 16th and 17th century A.D. Yesteryear, the spice  were traded via silk routes (land route) from Asia  to  Europe. In 1453 A.D, a trading center or hub was captured by the ottoman Turks which shutdown the Europeans trading activities. At the time, Europeans have using the spices for enormously would leads huge demand in Europe. Henceforth, European countries have tried to find a new route to reach India by their ships. On the historic path five Europeans countries, (especially geographically situated in Atlantic Ocean) like Portuguese, Dutch, Danish, British and French, have planned and proceed to identify the shortest route for India. In this battle English descended later while Portuguese, Dutch, and Danish constructed their prominent position there. However, British come almost last to fulfill the spice needs by its country. Once they came to India for trade but they get the great chance to emergence their kingdom in India. Finally, British dominated the entire world by its policies, administrative capabilities, and wise Governors.