Role Of Velunachiyar In Indian Freedom Struggle In The First Decade Of 20th Century With Special Reference To Tamilnadu

  • Mrs. T. Jayasutha ,Dr. A. Sajeen. Ph.D.,


Tamil Nadu has the hoary tradition of fighting for justice, rights and fair-play. True to tradition, the people of Tamil Nadu rose in revolt when their cherished rights were threatened, throttled and violated by the English East India Company. The Company's excessive direct control over the Poligars provoked the Poligar Rebellion.

            The Poligar Rebellion was spearheaded by Jaga Vira Pandya Kattabomman, Poligar of Panchalamkurichi1. Kattabomman was a conscious, God fearing, law-abiding subject with a strong sense of duty, dignity and discipline. Stung by the harshness, rashness and ruthlessness of Collector Jackson, he had a hiccup at an interview with the Collector at Ramanathapuram on 19th Sep, 1797 and escaped with the brother Oomathurai and his minister Sivasubramania Pillai2. Encouraged and supported by Maruthu Pandyan of Sivaganga, Kattabomman extended his help to the latter to rise against the British3. The Madras Council viewed his move as a challenge to its authority. Once instruction for Governor General Lord Wellesley, Major Banmerman mounted an assault on Panchalamkurichi Fort on 5 Sep, pursued the rebel and betrayed by the Poligar of Pudukkottai, Kattabomman was captured, tried and hanged to death at Kayattar on 17 Oct. I7994.