India- Indonesia Cooperation In The South Asian Littorals

  • Dr. S. Sridhar, Dr. D. Ramesh,


India and Indonesia are close maritime neighbours desired to share vision on Indo-pacific bilateral cooperation. Their relationship played a crucial role in global politics and maritime phenomenon. The primary goal is to develop the political, strategic, defense, security and economic fields. In the past, India – Indonesia maritime cooperation has remained largely confined to coordinated bilateral partnership, anti-piracy patrols, and search rescue exercise. On the geopolitical shifts, the Indo pacific has emerged as one of the major hotbeds of Global power politics. India’s emerging consensus with Indonesia has reflected in the elevation of their relationship to the level of comprehensive strategic partnership. Evidently there exists a robust convergence in Indian and Indonesian regional  outlooks and strategies as was the case during the Non Alignment .on the historical consequence, two nations continuing the relations signed several agreements like Enhancing Trade and Investment cooperation , promoting sustainable development of marine resources, expanding cooperation in disaster risk management , fostering tourism and cultural exchanges, promoting maritime safety and security and strengthening academic ,science and technology cooperation.