Assessing The Acceptance Level Of Consumers’ To Marketing Efforts Through Mobile Phones

  • David Winster Praveenraj, A.Prasanth


With the emergence of high speed wireless network technology and the growing marketplace penetration of smartphones, the worldwide advertising enterprise’s strategy in usage of this medium as a medium for marketing communication is rising. However, despite the growing number of groups making an investment in mobile marketing campaigns, there's, as yet, little academic studies in this subject matter. The salient features, implications of using smartphones as a marketing communication medium are not yet understood fully. This research tries to help in bridging this gap; it investigates the factors that result in clients to accept the marketing communications via smartphones and the promotional content sent by marketers. Underlying this study is a set of hypotheses that have been formulated to encompass determinants relating to client character as well as determinants regarding the form of mobile advertising. These hypotheses form the premise for this research and are empirically tested by means of a linear structural equation model. The empirical effects (n = 1,028) pick out leisure fee in addition to data value because the strongest drivers of the acceptance of the cell cellphone as an progressive medium for advertising content verbal exchange.