Emotional intelligence amongst some selected migrant labourers in the course of Covid-19 pandemic during April-May 2020 in Tirur Taluk of Malappuram district

  • Dr. Umesh. U


 As per Dr. Michael Rock, “People typically attribute the lion's share of their success personally and professionally to their mental intelligence or IQ.  Research in psychology and human performance over the last twenty years indicates the mental intelligence does contribute to success BUT the far more significant intelligence that accounts for personal and professional success is emotional intelligence!"

The concept Emotional Intelligence has thrived mainly due to its magnitude and value in emotional management of individuals in common and work groups in particular. Measurement of Emotional Intelligence is the key to understand one’s point of view that makes people more able. Most up-to-date studies have aimed out prominent relation, connecting the maximum of emotional intelligence in organisations and their level of success. This paper tries to trace out the Emotional Intelligence of selected different migrant labourers during Covid-19 pandemic during April-May 2020 in Tirur Taluk of Malappuram district. Total sample comprised of forty five respondents. Probabilistic sampling technique was used here. The results clearly indicate that relationship among the Adequate depth of feeling (ADF), Adequate Expression and Control of emotions (AECE), Ability to function with emotions (AFE), Ability to Cope with Problem Emotions (ACPE), Enhancement of Positive Emotions (EPE) shows a significant positive correlation in almost all cases, which ultimately states that emotional intelligence is an integral trait in the present competitive scenario in order for a better mental & healthy life, as well as to maintain a proper balance between work and personal life. Emotionally intelligent people are most valued human asset to any field as they widely contribute to any system’s competence and creativity. Emotional intelligence is a significant term that decides both organisational and personal accomplishment.