Perspectives on the study of “WORK-LIFE BALANCE”

  • R. Mamatha, G. Archana


This article reviews aspects of contemporary theory and research on work -life balance. It starts by exploring how work life balance has become important policy in our daily life. Now a day’s people are giving more significant to their job… more than their family. It is a noticeably big question mark for working man to choose which is more significant for them either job or family. In ancient times where early man was existing, we have found that their lifestyle was amazingly simple they used to depend on wild animals for survival and at the same time they used to give more time for family. Nevertheless, if we see the advanced and adopted technology competing with other countries and rushing forward economically in our daily routine but we are not balancing family at the same time. We can also see where a postnatal parent put their kids in crush and go for their regular routines. How far it is correct…? and is she doing right by giving more importance to profession rather than her kid(infant)? For the most part of our time we are giving to our job style than our families.