Disaster Resilience Dynamics of Malang City Residents

  • Intan Rahmawati


A comfortable place to live is a dream for every individual. Many aspects must be considered to get a comfortable environment. A strong building structure, a conducive residential environment, interpersonal relationships with well-established surrounding residents, and also important, are free from potential natural disasters. Location of residence greatly influences the comfort of its residents. an environment free of potential natural disasters is highly desirable by every individual. Important aspects such as safety, cleanliness and comfort must be understood together and become shared priorities. In addition, individual personal factors are also very important because it is related to the attitudes and behavior of citizens towards any changes that occur in the neighborhood. Some areas in the city of Malang, are always affected by high rainfall every rainy season. It is natural that some areas in Malang become flooded because of several rivers that flow across Malang City. An important point that can be explored more deeply is the profile of Malang City resilience to natural disasters. This study aims to determine the extent of the knowledge of citizens of Malang City about natural disasters that hit their homes, then attitudes and behaviors such as what they show related to their homes that have the potential for disaster.