Cloud Computing And Smart Technologies

  • O’rinov Nodirbek Toxirjonovich, Abdumannopov Murodjon Ilxomjon o’g’li, Turg’unov Muhammadazizbek Baxtiyorjon o’g’li


The article is devoted to the consideration of the current state of cloud computing and smart - technologies, as well as the application of these technologies in information systems that support the learning process. The problems of cloud computing are considered, among which one can indicate problems of a technological nature (virtualization), problems of standardizing this technology, infrastructure problems, problems of ensuring the security of cloud services provided to consumers, and other problems. Smart technologies, including in the field of e - learning processes ( Smart education ) Are treated as a realization with the appropriate pro- grammnogo provide certain additional features, essentially expanding application capabilities information systems used in a particular application area. Smart - technologies in this context can be considered as a class of software loaded systems ( Software Intensive Systems ).