Damage Assessment on Beam-Like Structures through Mode Shapes and its Curvatures

  • Siva Sankara Babu Chinka, Srinivasa Rao Putti, Balakrishna Adavi


During the most recent decades an extraordinary assortment of techniques are continuously proposed for assessment of damage by utilizing the structural modal qualities, in any case, the greater part of them necessitate modal information of the healthy structure as a source. Right now in this work, appropriateness of the mode shapes and its curvatures are decided the damage location with the help of modal information like mode shapes of damaged and healthy beam-like structures. Sometimes it is highly impossible to obtain healthy state structural modal data, so in this view; a new method is proposed to recognize the damage with the help of square of mode shape curvature magnitude of the damaged beams only. To build up the above techniques aluminium beams are considered without crack and with a crack at various locations and tested by using the experimental modal analysis (EMA). The experimental resonant frequencies along with its mode shapes are obtained and validated these parameters obtained by finite element modal analysis (FEMA). Mode shape curvatures are estimated with the help of complete information of mode shapes by central difference approximation method.