Solar Operated Tea Vending Machine

  • Ankit Kumar, Prabodh Dongre, Nikhil Sawarkar, Chandrashekhar Fuse, Urwa Kagdi


The most concern and global problem is about energy. Counting decades we are using natural resources but now it’s time to approach for renewable energy resources like alternative energy, which convert radiation into electricity. During this review paper we elaborated the calculation and procedure to manufacture the low cost tea vending machine using alternative energy. As Tea is that the basic and main refreshment in India and having very high demand in market. To meet this there are numerous roadside tea venders using LPG as fuel which can affect environment and also not cost effective. Within the whole process of producing Tea vending machine the challenge is to form machine more cost-effective to the roadside tea venders and also to extend their profit per cup of tea. While researching the procedure we need to calculate the heat transfer rate, energy required for the heating coil to heat water. We even have to calculate the charging time required for 12V battery which are using for further process. This review paper also discusses the low cost automation using Arduino UNO microcontroller and basic components