Design and Fabrication of 360° rotating conveyer belt with up-down mechanism

  • Prof.Patil T.D, Mohan S.D, Borase B.S, ]Nandan S.R, Raysing H.A


Most small scale industries use human effort for transporting of raw material from one place to another. Most of industries uses cranes, hoists , small industrial trucks and conveyers which is in fixed position. The 360-degree belt conveyor system is the transport of material from one place to another with a mechanism of rotation and top to bottom movement. This conveyor belt does not require frequent lubrication. The present work deals with the new trend in the field of belt conveyor system. A 360 °rotating belt conveyor system has been designed for prototype and it includes belt width, motor selection, belt specification, shaft diameter, pulley, bearing selection and economies of the rotating belt conveyor system is presented in this work.