Smart Taxi Meter

  • Pragati Mahajan, Manasi Shah, Prof. Bharat Deore


In our system we have proposed an idea of development of a smart yet cost effective fare meter which can accurately measure the distance and also can give solution to the fare payment difficulties. Taxi meter is calculated according to the distance and charges already saved in the program. Many of the individual taxi drivers try to make fool passengers and charge high rate. We are supposed to implement drivers owns taxi system in which the fare is fix according to per kilometre with no extra charge. Our goal of this project is to digitize the system in such a way which would be of convenience for the driver, vehicle owner and the passenger. Our project is to make a taxi meter for taxicab with microcontroller and LCD display. Customers will be free to choose their own stop on the meter and there will be price displayed on the basis of stop chosen by the customer. This technology can be used in order to protect citizens from overpaying. The customer has facility of cashless travel with the help of online payment. Driver will also get extra benefits like SMS notification and analysis of daily earned fare.