A Review on Parametric optimization in wire electro discharge machining process for OHNS Steel and its experimental validation

  • Sambhaji V. Sagare , Dr.S.S.pawar


Wire-electro discharge machining (WEDM) has become an important non-traditional machining process, as it provides an effective solution for producing components made of difficult-to-machine materials like titanium, zirconium, OHNS steel etc., and intricate shapes, which are not possible by conventional machining methods. Due to large number of process parameters and responses lots of researchers have attempted to model this process. This paper reviews the research trends in WEDM on relation between different process parameters, include pulse on time, pulse off time, servo voltage, peak current, dielectric flow rate, wire speed, wire tension on different process responses include material removal rate (MRR), surface roughness (Ra), sparking gap (Kerf width), wire lag (LAG) and wire wear ration (WWR) and surface integrity factors. Optimization of process parameters is necessary to reduce cost and time of manufacturing. Various optimization and relation finding methods are shown here which are frequently used by researchers. Few conclusions based on existing literature have been extracted from existing literature on optimization of WEDM process parameters.