Condition Monitoring Of Machine Tool For Manufacturing Fastners

  • Sachin. J. Chede , Saurabh R. Kothawade, Krushna B. Kapkar,Akash P. Ingale, Amol S. Tiwari


Condition Monitoring is an advanced tool of predictive maintenance techniques. In every rotating machine element vibrations and noise is considered as critical parameter to evaluate machines health and condition during operational life. In manufacturing industry 24/7 production runs and if for some reason the machine fails, it will directly affect the productivity and also loss in terms of time and money. Also it is responsible for machine failure accident . So it become as necessary to detect those faults as early as possible. So, In this study we have used the condition monitoring method to detect those fault in which we do the vibration  analysis of rolling element (roller bearing). Due to unsatisfied results of cold forging machines we did the vibration analysis of machines and found some defects in machines like foreign particle’s in machine, bearing failure and some other rotating element failures. We took the corrective action. Then we again took vibration readings and found satisfactory results which reveals that vibration based condition monitoring is successful method for early detection of faults in machine and to achieve the objectives  which are to minimize breakdown, time and cost, to increase  machine life and improve tool life, productivity, availability and reliability